About Us

Since 1989, SteppingStones has been providing organizations, schools, cooperatives, and stores with the highest quality 100% cotton and organic cotton shopping bags.
SteppingStones is the manufacturer and direct distributor of the EcoSac line. We are proud to have been part of the renewable, sustainable movement well before green was once-again “in.” Today, as plastic bags are phased out in stores, cities, and counties, SteppingStones will provide a long-lasting, durable, truly green option for consumers.

The SteppingStones Story:
1989 – The business was launched as an environmental company by a well-traveled couple that designed a “system” of bags intended to reduce the amount of paper and plastic that typical American shoppers used. They re-designed the European-style French market bag to meet those needs with quality as the standard. In 1993, the company was purchased by its main salesperson. Today she and her family continue to offer a variety of styles with many available in organically grown cotton.

  • We have always offered discounts to schools and non-profits such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Earth Share.
  • We helped Ben & Jerry’s distribute “Rainforest Crunch” when their work with Rainforest Action Network (RAN) began. We helped RAN distribute Tropical Botanicals Body Care products which used sustainably harvested floral essences.
  • We have supported many other start-up companies offering quality reusable bags, packaging or fabrics for their products.
  • We have always used recycled paper products and worked to reduce our office waste, and donated money and time to help organizations that are working to restore and maintain the health of the Planet.
  • We have chosen to not manufacture with nylon, polypropylene or other synthetic materials. We went the extra mile/expense to assure organic and fair-labor practice certification.
  • We work with the local county Public Works Department to provide education about harmful plastics in the environment (ex. Creek Clean-up Days and other environmental events) and provide reusable bag give-a-ways.
  • We donate to many Earth Day events, the local homeless shelter, Women’s Shelters, school eco-club fundraising, and Safe & Sober Graduations.
  • We support California Certified Organic Farmers and the Organic Trade Association.

Our personal EcoSac bags have been used weekly for a family of four, washed and still function perfectly after 25+ years of continued use! We often hear the same from other families.
We’re proud to say EcoSacs are truly “green.”  Made from a sustainable / renewable resource, and also washable, reusable, and recyclable!