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Since 1989 the EcoSac Reusable Shopping Bag System has been available in 100% cotton with many styles in organic cotton. These canvas, string, mesh and muslin bags are perfect for many uses besides their intended design for grocery shopping: travel, toy storage, hobby supplies, garden harvest, gym gear, root vegetable storage and many other customers' creative uses. SteppingStones provides this wide variety of sustainable, reusable and recyclable bags to be environmentally friendly and to give you the opportunity to do your part!

At SteppingStones we are dedicated to making products that allow people to make a difference in their community. We also believe that doing business should be a pleasurable experience and we'll do everything we can to make ordering easy and pleasant for you.

Email: service@bags4you.com
Toll Free: 800-926-1017
Local: 805-927-1017
Fax: 805-927-3275
Post Office Box 6
Cambria, California 93428

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